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Greensburg Holiday Parade

The Greensburg parade really puts focus on bringing the community together.  People of all ages have been coming together, forming groups and creating a Christmas theme of their choosing to be a part of this parade for 27 years. This year the parade will begin...

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Irwin Light Up Night

Irwin Light up Night 2018 Irwin light up night is an event that has been part of traditions for many years!  It's a great way to meet people and see familiar faces.  Maybe you'll know their names or maybe you won't but either way, everyone is a friend there. Irwin...

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3 high return to dos for home sellers

Depending on your local market many repairs and improvements can actually have a low return right before selling your home. However these three suggestions are almost guaranteed to return many times the amount of money...

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Considerations to Make When Buying a Home as a Senior

Photo Credit: BriF, Pixabay Maybe you want to downsize or relocate. Maybe you’ve been renting, and you’re ready to put down roots. Maybe you don’t have a reason at all, but it just feels right. Regardless of why you’re considering moving into a new home as a senior,...

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